Special 'Fleming' edition from The Book Collector

News - Publishing Friday, 17 March 2017

The Book Collector has announced a new Ian Fleming special issue, alongside a new '27th Letter' competition

Quarterly book collecting journal, The Book Collector, has announced a special issue in honour of its founder, Ian Fleming, author of the James Bond novels. Fleming launched the journal in 1952, and this Spring issue, out in March 2017, will celebrate Fleming's life as a bibliophile.

A limited edition run of 150 copies will also be available with articles cast in Monotype, as they were in Fleming's day, available for £150. For dedicated collectors there’ll be a further edition of 26 copies numbered A-Z selling at £275 each. Ian Fleming’s nephews, the writers James and Fergus Fleming who took over the publication earlier this year, will be signing copies of both these editions. The edition will also come with a copy of the flier Fleming wrote specially for The Book Collector, virtually unseen since it was issued in 1957. The print run will be published by the Queen Anne Press, which was once run by Ian Fleming and now belongs to his family.

Alongside publication of the special Fleming issue, The Book Collector has announced a "27th Letter" competition. The contest was originally conceived by Fleming in 1947, however he was too busy "pursuing his future wife in Jamaica" to judge the contest. It has been resurrected for its 70th anniversary, adhering to the original rules. The competition calls for the best interpretation of a 27th letter of the alphabet. The letter must conform to the alphabet as known in English-writing countries and must represent a recognised sound or combination of sounds. Entries should display merit in decorative, philological and typographical fields.

The contest will open on 15 March and close on 25 April, and the winner will be announced at the ABA Olympia Book Fair on the 2 June. The winner will be awarded £250 and The Book Collector will donate £500 to the charity 'Give a Book'.

Earlier this year, after five decades under Nicolas Barker, The Book Collector was sold to nephews of Ian Fleming, James and Fergus Fleming. During this transition, James Fergusson, previously the deputy editor, became the new editor. The periodical has been redesigned and a new website with access to the 65-year archive is in development. In addition, the new site will provide 65 years of auction room sales indexed by author, title, subject and collection with observations and remarks that can be found nowhere else.

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