Yellow Kite buys A Monk's Guide to Happiness

Claire Coughlan
Rights - NonFiction Tuesday, 12 February 2019

First book from Buddhist monk and meditation teacher Gelong Thubten

Yellow Kite has bought Buddhist monk and meditation teacher Gelong Thubten's first book, A Monk's Guide to Happiness. Liz Gough, Yellow Kite & lifestyle publisher at Hodder, bought world rights directly from the author. Yellow Kite will publish as a hardback and ebook on 13 June.

Gelong Thubten, suffering from severe anxiety, became a Buddhist monk at the age of 21. His training over the past 25 years has included spending over six years in intensive, isolated meditation retreats, and he has learned from some of the most experienced Tibetan masters. Thubten now teaches non-religious meditation and mindfulness internationally. He has worked with the tech giants of Silicon Valley as well as other global companies, Hollywood stars, schoolchildren, universities, hospitals and prisons. This is Thubten's first solo book - he and neuroscientist Ash Ranpura collaborated with Ruby Wax on How To Be Human, the Manual, and are touring the UK with a live show.

Thubten said: "I wrote this book because I am passionate about helping people realise they can choose happiness, and I wanted to show how this can be learned through the power of meditation. I want to help bring meditation into the heart of people's daily lives, not only to reduce stress and gain greater mastery over thoughts and emotions, but also to discover the mind's deep potential for unconditional compassion and freedom. Happiness is inside you, waiting."

Gough said: "This is a very special book. We all have the capacity for finding true happiness, but we often struggle to find it because we are drowning in a whirlpool of mental activity. In his book Thubten helps us train our minds and tap into our true potential. His warmth and compassion permeate every page. It fills me with happiness to be publishing his first book."

Photo of Gelong Thubten by Steve Ullathorne

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