Warner Bros buys Primeval screen rights

Liz Thomson
Rights - Fiction 19 May 2009

In a high-six-figure deal, Warner Bros has acquired screen rights to Primeval, the ITV series from Impossible Pictures, for which Titan Books publishes a series of original fiction tie-in novels.

Speaking about the film announcement, which will see the action relocated to the US, producer Kerry Foster said: 'There is a solid mythology to the series, but the movie has the dinosaur element of Jurassic Park and the time travel element of Lost, and it just feels like the kind of big movie that Warner Bros does well.'

Now in its third series, currently airing on Saturday evenings on ITV1, Primeval continues to rank in the Top 10 drama programmes, with an average audience of 4.5 million/22.8%. Titan's novels see the characters face new challenges and adventures outside the on-screen action.
Penguin also publishes children's activity books.

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