Walker young fiction presentation in Hoxton

Nicolette Jones
People - Children Thursday, 23 May 2019

Authors including Jennifer Bell and Kate DiCamillo read from their books - but only a sentence each

Walker Books presented its young fiction list at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen N1, with a line-up of authors interviewed by Anna James.

Each author began by summarising his or her book in five words. There were Thomas Taylor (Malamander: "Eerie seaside mechanical beachcombing mystery"); Katharine Orton (Nevertell: "Fantastical chase across Soviet Russia"); Nick Tomlinson (Ghouls of Howlfair: "Historian discovers folktales coming true"); Joseph Elliot (The Good Hawk: "Game of Thrones for kids"); author Jennifer Bell and illustrator Alice Lickens (Agents of the Wild: "Girl, elephant shrew, jungle adventure"); and Kate DiCamillo (Louisiana's Way Home and Beverly, Right Here: "Take what’s offered to you").

With time having to be rationed, James invited the audience to call out a page number for each book; each author selected a sentence from that page to read aloud, to tantalising effect.

Photo left to right: Alice Lickens, Jennifer Bell, Anna James, Joseph Elliot, Thomas Taylor, Katharine Orton, Kate DiCamillo, Nick Tomlinson

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