Walker stages prom in Battersea

People - Children Tuesday, 24 July 2018

More than 150 guests at Katherine Webber launch

More than 150 guests, many of them in their best prom outfits, gathered at the Battersea Arts Centre Council Chamber for a pre-publication launch of Katherine Webber's new novel Only Love Can Break Your Heart. A key scene in the novel takes place at an American high school prom.

Fellow authors at the party were Alwyn Hamilton, Cecilia Vinesse, Connie Glynn, Deirdre Sullivan, Holly Bourne, Julia Gray, Juno Dawson, Kim Curran, Laure Eve, Lisa Williamson, Lucy Ivison, Mel Salisbury, Patrice Lawrence, Samantha Shannon, Sara Barnard, Simon James Green, Tanya Byrne, and Will Hill. Connie Glynn, who has more than 940,000 YouTube subscribers, posted a video of herself in her prom dress, and also tweeted and instagrammed to more than 200,000 followers. The evening featured a movie music quiz, various awards, dancing, and a late night pizza buffet.

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