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Suzy Astbury
Jobs - News 30 Nov 2009

Introducing BookBrunch's Jobs section, Suzy Astbury writes that doomy talk about publishing is misguided After 18 months of unremittingly dire reports from the job market, with stories of redundancies, cut backs, recruitment freezes and doom-mongering forecasts of an industry in its death throes, I almost expected to see a relay of 'The End is Nigh' sandwich boards at Frankfurt this year. None of this has been helped by the weekly calls I have taken from journalists who seem to relish the misfortunes of their subject wanting more bad news stories. Beleaguering your own territory does no-one any favours. Digital, the most innovative and exciting development of the moment, has been portrayed as another 'End is Nigh' threat, rather than the ground-breaking opportunity that the rest of the media sector is seizing with unashamed enthusiasm.

At JFL Search & Selection we are in a unique position to view the broad field of sectors from our Beak Street HQ, ranging from trade fiction and non-fiction, STM, journals, professional, academic and educational. And what we are seeing is that our clients are looking ahead to 2010 and hiring again as demand for different products and offerings increase. By far the strongest sector this year has been educational and professional publishing the demand is stable, as channels to market have not been subjected to the same upheavals as those affecting trade publishing. And this is where the development of digital and online channels is beginning to be recognised for the opportunities they provide for distribution, sales and collateral in the wider media market.
At JFL we specialise in recruiting not only for the publishing sector, but also for media, public relations and corporate communications, which gives us a wide-angled picture of developing trends. And one of the most encouraging of all is that we are seeing a sharp increase in senior level hires, with strategic appointments in trade, STM, professional and academic publishing. These are what we call 'investment hires', and they will be followed by junior and mid level hires as the new movers and shakers build their teams to embrace the opportunities of 2010.
Suzy Astbury consults on digital and print publishing at JFL Search & Selection

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