Specialist cookbook for transplant survivors seeks publisher

News - Books Friday, 21 December 2018

All I want for Christmas is a publisher, says Pippa Kent, recipient of a double lung transplant; dozens of chefs on standby to contribute recipes for the specialist diet needed after transplants

Pippa Kent, 29, is hoping to find a publisher this Christmas to help make her book Now What Can I Eat? a reality.

The book, to which over 60 chefs, influencers and foodies, including Leon, The Gentlemen Baristas and Gill Miller (River Cottage), have offered to contribute, would feature recipes suitable for those who are immune suppressed. With over 50,000 people a year undergoing transplants in the UK, the total potential market is around 1,000,000 people.

Kent underwent a double lung transplant, which saved her life, in April last year and has since been exploring ways to make the book a reality. She has been well enough recently to work part-time in PR. This year a Kickstarter campaign, organised to self-fund the book with the help of a small publisher, gathered over £30,000 towards their target but didn’t achieve the full amount needed in the 60 day limit. Self-publishing has been ruled out because of the high-cost of specialist photography and printing.

According to Kent: "Although the limitations of this diet are significant; no rare meat, blue cheese, runny eggs, unpasteurised products amongst other things with a little bit of inspiration food can still be exciting and delicious and as many limited by this diet follow it for life this is really important. With additional steps to ensure safe preparation, all checked by the dietician team at Papworth hospital, this book could offer so much support to so many looking for normality in times of difficulty."

Kent can be contacted on: pippa@nowwhatcanieat.co.uk

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