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News - NonFiction Friday, 29 March 2019

F**k The Establishment follows last summer's F**k Plastic

Emily Barrett, commissioning editor, Seven Dials and Orion Spring, Orion Publishing Group, will publish F**k the Establishment: 101 ways to get your voice heard and change the world for budding activists on 2 May 2019.

F**k the Establishment is the second book in the series, following F**k Plastic: 101 ways to free yourself from plastic and save the world (published August 2018) which has more than 40,000 copies in circulation across 18 countries, with rights deals sold for a further three.

According to Orion: 'F**k the Establishment will be a positive, practical handbook, with humorous black and white illustrations throughout, for anyone who has a cause and needs to know productive steps on how to further it. We all know the mood in the world right now isn’t good. Some of us might be feeling let down by our governments, or watching the rich and poor divide increase, or losing sleep over the large country of plastic floating in the Pacific ocean. But we mustn’t feel defeated or hopeless.

'There are so many positives about this time we are living through – and one of them is that we’ve never had so much opportunity to make change. No matter how big or small your cause, with 101 simple tips and tricks you can do to get your attitude in gear, treat change like business, rally your troops and strategise your success, F**k the Establishment is the uplifting book we all need to start changing the world today.'

Barrett said: "There are a number of amazing books on activism set to publish this year – this is the bitesize version for people who want practical tips on how to effect change, no matter how big or small their cause is.

"It’s no surpise that, internationally, we are becoming more politicised – as shown by the 673 Women’s marches that took place on all seven continents on 21 January 2017, the School Strike for Climate that is persisting on Fridays, the 100,000 people in Australia who marched on 'Australia Day' earlier this year, and I was one of the million people marching last Saturday for the People’s Vote.

"But these big issues are not the only items on people’s agendas, and protesting is not the only way to get our voices heard – there are often more effective ways to apply pressure. This book is going to empower everyone who doesn’t like something in their school, university, workplace, community, country etc to do something about it, and show them the best way forward to achieve the change they desire."

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