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Rights - NonFiction Thursday, 14 February 2019

The Lonely Hunter by Aimée Lutkin 'is fearless in plumbing the complexity of being a single woman today'

Sarah Braybrooke at Scribe UK has acquired UK and Commonwealth rights to The Lonely Hunter by Aimée Lutkin.

According to the acquisition statement: 'A blend of memoir and cultural reporting, the book investigates the recent surge in the number of single adults, documents the ways we pathologise loneliness, and explores how people may live contentedly alone.

'The seed for the book was planted when an essay that Lutkin wrote about being single for went viral and prompted responses from hundreds of people, as well as a resolution on her part to go on two dates every week, while simultaneously researching the positive and negative effects of singleness on quality of life.

'Documenting her own experiences of singleness, dating, falling in love and ultimately of remaining unpartnered, Lutkin’s research also examines themes such as singlehood and the "self care" industry, queer relationships and nontraditional unions, Britain’s loneliness epidemic, the limitations of dating apps, and incels. Above all, Lutkin interrogates the under-examined assumption that women's identities must remain arranged around the romantic milestones of falling in love, marriage and childbearing, leaving single women with few ways to mark the passage of their lives.'

Braybrooke said: "I read the proposal for this book with that special 'click' of recognition you experience when someone captures a phenomenon you've intuited but never seen articulated so clearly before. Lutkin is fearless in plumbing the complexity of being a single woman today, examining her own ambivalence along with a wide range of subjects that feel utterly of the moment. There are so many books out there about romantic relationships, but very few which explore what it might mean to live without them, despite the fact that an increasing number of people around the world do so."

UK and Commonwealth rights were acquired from Peggy Boulos Smith at Writers House, acting on behalf of Susan Golomb. The Lonely Hunter is due to be published on Valentine’s Day 2021, and in the US it will be out through Dial Press.

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