Science prize shortlist

Nicholas Clee
News - Prizes 26 Jun 2009

The shortlist for the Royal Society Prize for Science Books has been announced.

Bad Science by Ben Goldacre (Fourth Estate)
Decoding the Heavens: Solving the mystery of the world's first computer by Jo Marchant (Wm Heinemann)
The Age of Wonder: How the Romantic generation discovered the beauty and terror of science by Richard Holmes (HarperPress)
The Drunkard's Walk: How randomness rules our lives by Leonard Mlodinow (Allen Lane)
What the Nose Knows: The science of scent in everyday life by Avery Gilbert (Crown)
Your Inner Fish: The amazing discovery of our 375-million-year-old ancestor by Neil Shubin (Allen Lane).
The award, to be announced on 15 September, is worth £10,000 to the winner, with £1,000 going to each of the shortlisted authors. (Prize website; .)

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