Osprey to bring battles to life through graphic novels

News - Books Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Under Fire series in association with Portmanteaux Press

Osprey is to launch in September Under Fire, a graphic novel series telling the stories of dramatic battles and campaigns through the eyes of the men who were there. The series will combine "authentic historical detail... with vivid illustration and expert storytelling to capture the heroism and despair, loss and comradeship of bold offensives and doomed assaults against the odds". Osprey is publishing in association with Portmanteaux Press.

The first title (19 September) will be D-Day: Storming Fortress Europe. Written by Jack Chambers and Erik Hendrix. It will be followed by The Battle of Britain by Dale Carothers (31 October) and The Battle for Guadalcanal by Georgia Ball (28 November).

Osprey MD Richard Sullivan said: "Osprey is the world's leading illustrated military history publisher, and we are thrilled to be working with Adam Fortier of Portmanteaux Press to bring history to life in this engaging visual format."

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