Non-publishers offered PA membership for the first time

News - Publishing Friday, 10 May 2019

New tier of Associate Members 'for non-publisher businesses and individuals aiming to build their profile in the publishing industry'

Five businesses have already signed up to the scheme, including Nielsen Book, InceptionXR, Inpress Books, Supadu and Webcapio.

Stephen Lotinga, ceo of the PA (pictured), said: "We provide a range of insight and support to our members and, at a time when publishers are hungry for new ways to share their books with readers and evolve their business strategies, it makes sense to open our doors to publishing service providers.

"Publishing is much more than just publishers – we exist in a broader ecosystem and the success of those relationships is vital to future-proofing our industry. Our aim is that this new offering will not only benefit Associate Members – who will have a direct line to publishers – but also our members who are seeking to build relationships with trusted suppliers."

Sophie O'Neill at Inpress Books said: "We are really delighted with this opportunity to become an Associate Member of the Publishers Association. Although Inpress is not a publisher, we represent the interests of our 50 member publishers. Joining the Publishers Association means we can voice the concerns of our publishers within this major organisation and make as much use as possible of the brilliant resources the Publishers Association offers.”

According to the PA: 'Associate Members will benefit from a range of support already available to the Publishers Association’s members, including staying up-to-date with current developments in the industry, opportunities to develop productive relationships with industry professionals and increased visibility for their businesses through the many events and meetings that the trade body delivers.'

The full range of benefits, plus details of how to apply, are here.

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