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News - NonFiction Wednesday, 03 April 2019

Cookery debut Pinch of Nom, published by Pan Mac's Bluebird, becomes the bestselling book of 2019, shifting 330,000 copies in less than a fortnight

The sales figure of 332,648 copies of the £20 hardback was recorded in less than two weeks, with the book first released on March 21. In its first week on sale, Pinch of Nom sold 210,506 copies and became the fastest selling non-fiction title ever.

The sales success has been aided by the strength of the Pinch of Nom food blog, which has around 1.5 million readers.

When the book first announced in last September, Pinch of Nom generated Pan Macmillan's largest ever pre-order number within a 24 hour period. The book has gone on to sell 36% more books in a single week than the next biggest cookery book single week sales, which was Jamie's Italy in the Christmas week of 2005, selling 154,769 copies.

Authors Kay Featherstone and Kate Allinson said: "We have been absolutely blown away by the support for this book from our community, booksellers and everyone who has picked up a copy this week. We know it can be hard to be inspired in the kitchen if you are trying to lose weight and all we ever wanted to do with Pinch of Nom is to help people create delicious home cooked slimming meals that don’t taste bland or boring.

"To think that the book is out there being used in kitchens across the UK is incredible and we really want to thank our Pinch of Nom community – this is their book as much as it is ours, every single recipe is tested by them and, ultimately, Pinch of Nom is simply a group of people supporting one another and sharing recipe inspiration."

Bluebird publisher Carole Tonkinson said: "Kay and Kate inspired us from the minute we met them. Their desire to help other people is clear in their recipes and posts, and the incredibly inclusive and encouraging community they have created. It has been a joy to work with them to create a book for their followers and for so many more people who want simple, delicious, lower fat food the whole family can enjoy."

Bluebird announced earlier this month that it has acquired three more Pinch of Nom titles from agent Clare Hulton, the first to be a food planner publishing in June. The success of Pinch of Nom means that Bluebird has now published 5 of the top 15 Health, Dieting & Wholefood Cookery titles ever.

According to a statement on behalf of Bluebird: 'The Pinch of Nom site was created in January 2016 by a chef and a restaurateur from The Wirral – Kate Allinson and Kay Featherstone – with the original aim of teaching people how to cook. When the pair decided to lose weight, they began sharing healthy, slimming recipes and motivational posts. In an incredibly short space of time, Pinch of Nom has amassed a huge and engaged online community, with over 1.4 million Facebook likes, a highly engaged closed Facebook group of 790,000 members, plus more than 460k Instagram followers.

'Pinch of Nom announced their book deal to their hugely engaged community in early September 2018, sending it straight to the top of Amazon's charts, six months before it was due for release. The announcement generated Pan Macmillan's largest ever pre-order number within a 24 hour period.'

On the book itself, About Pinch of Nom: 100 Slimming Home-Style Recipes, Bluebird said: 'Pinch of Nom’s founders and authors, Kate Allinson and Kay Featherstone, believe that eating well should be an enjoyable daily ritual, a pleasure that comes from making something nourishing and delicious. There are no restrictive diet plans to be found here, just healthy satisfying meals that are simple to make and taste incredible.

'It all makes Pinch of Nom the perfect diet book for people who don’t like diets, created by cooks who love their food. Each recipe is tried and tested by around twenty passionate Pinch of Nom community members to ensure it is nutritious, full of flavor and works every time. Helpful icons alongside the recipes guide you to whatever suits your daily needs – whether it’s quick breakfasts and midweek meals to Friday night fakeaways, Sunday roasts and sweet treats. Pinch of Nom features everything you need to enjoy all your favourite meals every day of the week.

'Recipes include: Super Simple Chicken Curry, Veggie Burgers, Stuffed Meatballs, Moroccan Spiced Salmon, Shakshuka, Cuban Beef, Mediterranean Style Lamb Shanks, Rumbledethumps, Samosas, Chocolate Eclairs, Sticky Toffee pudding.'

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