Noble Savages at Ink@84

People - Books Monday, 03 June 2019

Sarah Watling's group biography is already acclaimed and prize-winning

Bea Hemming, editor of Sarah Watling's Noble Savages (Cape), was in the happy position at the launch party for the book, at Ink@84 in Highbury, of being already justified in describing it as prize-winning and critically acclaimed. Watling's proposal for Noble Savages won the 2016 Biographers' Club Tony Lothian prize for an uncommissioned (as it was then) first biography; and in the Times, Laura Freeman has described the book as "thoughtful, compassionate". (Since then, Lynn Barber in the Telegraph has called it "very fine" and "thoroughly fascinating".)

Noble Savages is a biography of the Olivier sisters, four unconventional women who came of age in the Edwardian era. Guests at the party included various descendants of the sisters, among them Laurence Harwood, Daphne's son, and Cressida Bell and Virginia Nicholson, daughters of Olivier Bell (her first name was Anne, but she was always known as Olivier), who was the daughter of Brynhild.

Photo: Sarah Watling (left) and Bea Hemming

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