New bookshop for Hay-on-Wye

News - Bookselling Monday, 29 October 2018

Josh and Ellen Boyd Green open Green Ink in bookish town

Josh and Ellen Boyd Green have opened Green Ink Booksellers in Hay-on-Wye. They founded the second-hand business in 2015, and until now have been running it online only. They are locals, but before 2015 ran Alice's Bookshop in Melbourne, Australia.

Andrew Williams, chair of the Hay Chamber of Commerce, described the opening as "a landmark event for Hay" and "a huge vote of confidence in the bookselling future" of the town.

Ellen Boyd Green said: "We're really excited to be moving back into the 'real world' of bookselling. Hay has such an incredible community of small businesses and it'll be great to have a public face amongst them. Online selling will of course continue to have a place but there is nothing that quite matches the joy of browsing and the discovery and connection that are possible with a physical shop.

"The magic of running a bookshop is being able to talk to customers face to face and share in the moments people discover a treasure that is new to them. The love for books and the stories that they contain both on the page and as objects that have had journeys of their own is why we became second hand booksellers."

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