Naked Chef 20th anniversary reissue unveiled

News - Books Thursday, 24 January 2019

Jamie Oliver's first cookery book rebranded as a Penguin Modern Cookery Classic

The Naked Chef was originally published in 1999, and has since gone on to sell over three million copies in 25 languages. Its author has become the most successful cookery writer of the 21st Century, with global book sales of 43 million copies to date.

To mark the 20th anniversary, Penguin Michael Joseph - Oliver’s long-standing publisher – is reissuing The Naked Chef (along with The Return of The Naked Chef, Happy Days with the Naked Chef, Jamie's Dinners and Jamie's Kitchen) as Penguin Modern Cookery Classics. They will be out in hardback on 11 April. The Naked Chef reissue contains a new introduction from Oliver.

Oliver said: "Looking back, the success of The Naked Chef blows my mind. When I flick through this book, and hear my youthful voice I feel like a very different person - life was simpler! But on the other hand I immediately recognise the same fire that has driven me from day one. The recipes seem to have withstood the test of time - I hope you love them and cherish them as much as I do.”

Tom Weldon, now ceo of PRH, said: "When I first met Jamie back in 1997, and we published The Naked Chef together (in 1999), I quickly realised he was someone special. Jamie’s dedication to his books saw him sitting on the floor editing recipes and selecting photographs at all times of the day and night and I am convinced his involvement in every detail of his books, and his interest in the publishing process, comes - in part - from the time he spent in the Penguin offices in the early years. Jamie’s creativity, energy and drive continue to inspire me and we are looking forward to the future and the excitement that new projects from Jamie always bring us."

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