Mudlark to publish 'fascinating' book by survivor of The Children of God cult

Rights - NonFiction Friday, 22 March 2019

HarperNonFiction's new imprint will publish in spring 2021; William Morrow has US rights

HarperCollins' new imprint Mudlark has signed Insubordinate by Faith Jones, a 'beautifully drawn coming of age narrative,' about growing up in The Children of God cult.

Vicky Eribo, HarperNonFiction editorial director, bought UK and Commonwealth rights from Becky Sweren at Aevitas Creative Management, to co-publish with Liz Stein at William Morrow in the US. 'Insubordinate is a harrowing, yet empowering account of Faith’s experiences growing up in a notorious international religious sex cult'.

Jones is a survivor and founding family member of The Children of God, an international cult started by her grandfather and father. One of nine siblings, Jones was raised to be 'part of an elite army preparing for the End Times; a poster child of this strict, closed society which had 10,000 members in 130 communities around the world by the 1970s.' At 23, Jones broke away, attended Georgetown University and became a lawyer in Los Angeles.

Jones said: "Naturally a private person, I still wanted to share my story to combat what we were told about leaving the group: 'You won't amount to anything;' 'You'll end up on drugs on the street or in jail;' 'You'll never fit in or be successful.' My story, like others, proves that it is still your choice. Regardless of your upbringing, you can choose and keep choosing the path that leads to more good in your life. No one gets to tell you what you can or can't do. There is unimagined power in taking full ownership of yourself – your body, your results and your happiness."

Eribo said: "I was immediately struck by the sharp seriousness of Faith's beautiful storytelling. Throughout she challenges the black and white narrative of good and evil and grapples with how good people are able to do bad things. For Faith, liberation came down to her thirst for knowledge – she was drawn to things that were forbidden: books, films, songs, education. Ultimately her search for knowledge became a search for the truth. It's bold, fascinating and beautifully told. We're thrilled to welcome Faith to our new imprint."

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