Memoir about mother's stuff to Transworld

Rights - NonFiction 28 Feb 2017

Susannah Walker explores her mother's hoarded possessions

Andrea Henry at Doubleday (Transworld) has signed Susannah Walker's The Life of Stuff, a memoir in which the author pieces together her mother's life story and makes sense of their troubled relationship through her mother's hoarded possessions. Transworld has UK and Commonwealth rights through Judith Murray at Greene & Heaton, and will publish in spring 2018.

Henry said: "There's a wonderful detective story at the heart of this book. Through her mother's hoarded possessions - photos, papers and an extraordinary amount of stuff - Walker raises all sorts of questions about who we are. What do our possessions say about us? Why do we project such meaning on to them? What turns us from someone who simply enjoys having objects around them into someone who hoards uncontrollably? Walker's complex, deeply personal story has hugely universal themes, and she handles its telling with real dexterity."

Murray said: "As soon as I read it, I fell in love with Susannah's fascinating and moving memoir about mourning her mother through telling the stories of the possessions she hoarded; and I am thrilled that Andrea Henry and her colleagues at Transworld also have fallen in love with this beautifully written and insightful account of experiences that all of us go through - the death of one's parents and the shoring up of possessions against the losses and griefs that we encounter in life. And I am sure that Andrea and her team at Transworld will publish The Life of Stuff with all their customary style, passion and professionalism."

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