Jasper the Space Dog takes off

News - Children Thursday, 11 April 2019

Illustrated children's book Jasper: Space Dog was written to mark 50th anniversary of space landings

Hilary Robinson has launched her new book, Jasper: Space Dog, with an event at Grimm & Co, Rotherham's 'apothecary to the magical.' The book, written to mark the 50th anniversary of the moon landings, is published by Strauss House Productions.

Grimm & Co welcomed a class from St Bedes in Rotherham to work with Hilary and illustrator Lewis James (pictured). Each child received a signed copy of Jasper: Space Dog.

James, who was supported by The Prince’s Trust Enterprise scheme, struggled with self-confidence and depression before the Trust helped him to get his career off the ground. He was introduced to Robinson, given the chance to get involved with the book, and mentored and supported by designer, branding expert and international illustrator, Mandy Stanley.

Jasper is the first in a new series of books written by Robinson which will follow 'the ambitions and misadventures of an enthusiastic hound, Jasper, and his loyal friend and owner, 8 year old Charlie Tanner. Through Jasper’s enquiring mind and Charlie Tanner’s diligence, young readers will engage with a range of topics in a unique and fascinating way.'

Robinson worked alongside leading literacy consultant, Janet Gough, and two educational editors to craft a book with an inclusive approach designed to appeal to a broad readership. The book is in the format of a novel, but with reduced text, dyslexie font, cream paper stock and is sympathetically designed to be an accessible and portable read.

Future titles include Jasper Viking Dog! Jasper Eco Dog! and Jasper Rock Dog! Robinson is a network radio producer and the author of over 60 children’s books. Best known for Mixed Up Fairy Tales (Hodder) and Where The Poppies Now Grow (SHP), she won the Historical Young Quills Award 2016 for Flo of the Somme. Radio work includes Private Peaceful for BBC Radio 2, narrated by Robson Green.

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