IFL Science teams up with Half Moon Bay for gift books

News - NonFiction Thursday, 13 June 2019

Licensing Link Europe announces gifting agreement

Licensing Link Europe, which manages licensing in the UK and Ireland for IFL Science, has announced a UK books and gifting agreement with giftware company Half Moon Bay, and its subsidiary publishing house Ice House Books.

Half Moon Bay will be launching a series of 'light-hearted but underpinned by scientific fact' IFL science-branded gift books for spring/summer and autumn/winter 2020. There will also be a range of gifts including ceramics, kitchenware, glassware and mugs with themes including chemistry, science and 'Save the Planet'. Other products under development include pencils, aprons, water bottles, ceramic mugs and LED lamps. The products will all include the IFL Science logo.

IFL Science is the 'number one science platform' with a mixture of 'science and irreverence' and a global reach of more than 120 million people.

Gemma Swift, design manager at Half Moon Bay, said: "IFL Science themes and ideas translate perfectly to giftware and gift books. We're delighted to be working with this funny, clever and original property."

Michele Kuprewicz, head of retail and licensing at IFL Science, said: "We wanted to find a gifting partner that could bring our focus on ideas and facts delivered in a light-hearted and memorable way to high-quality, appealing gifts. Half Moon Bay offers all of this and more. We're looking forward to a very successful partnership."

Chris Taday, director of Licensing Link Europe, said: "The combination of the irreverence, wit and factual basis of IFL Science with the gifting skill and quality of Half Moon Bay is a wonderful match. I'm sure the products resulting from this partnership will be enormously popular at retail."

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