Hodder commissions new non-fiction audio series

News - NonFiction Friday, 10 May 2019

Everything Bad is Good for You will examine 'habits, behaviours and personality traits that are popularly held to be negative, and explain why they might actually be better for us than we think'

Everything Bad is Good for You will publish monthly, featuring contributions from a range of authors including Idler founder Tom Hodgkinson on why ignoring your children has a positive effect; Guardian columnist Tim Dowling on cynicism as the pathway to happiness; and Zoe Beaty, writer and former news editor for The Pool, on why being late might actually a good thing.

The first entry in the series, Why Ignoring Your Children is Better For Everybody: or, What to Neglect When You’re Neglecting by Tom Hodgkinson publishes on 30 May. The short audiobooks will also be available in eBook format.

Dominic Gribben, editorial director for Audio at Hodder, said: "Everything Bad Is Good For You is a wonderful series that is sure to entertain and enlighten. It's fantastic to have such a great range of talented writers working on the series, which represents an exciting new strand of audio publishing for Hodder."

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