Headline, Octopus region teams join forces

Nicholas Clee
News - Publishing 03 Mar 2009

Headline and Octopus are to amalgamate their regional sales teams from 1 April. Managers will run the teams in six regions: Scotland, Gillian MacKay; West Midlands, Suzanne Hollins; East Midlands, Jenny Karat; South West, Russell Moore; South East, Zanna Pill; and London, Tony McGrath. They will report to Nigel Baines and James Horobin at Headline. Karen Mole and Steven Edney at Octopus will be involved as part of the joint venture.
The move enables Octopus to take advantage of Headline's links at regional level between sales and publicity functions. For Headline, joining forces gives access to Octopus's gift and non-traditional accounts.

There are no changes to the Headline and Octopus national, international and key account sales teams.

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