Graham Swift at Otto's

People - Books Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Author salutes S&S's sympathetic publishing - and republishing - of his work

Graham Swift thinks he may have been to Otto's on Gray's Inn Road more often than he has been to his nearby publisher Simon & Schuster - an observation that S&S global ceo Carolyn Reidy, who last week signed UK ceo Ian Chapman's expenses, may be able to confirm. In any event, the author and his publisher are valued customers, and the restaurant, otherwise closed, hosted them as they entertained booksellers on Monday evening.

Swift, Chapman and S&S adult publishing md Suzanne Baboneau go back a long way, to the author's days with Picador. He is delighted with S&S's publishing of his work now, in the Scribner imprint: its handling of his recent works England and Other Stories and Mothering Sunday, and particularly its reissuing, in hardback and now paperback, of Wish You Were Here, Making an Elephant, Tomorrow, and The Light of Day. Backlist, he explained, "is not a word I like". His earlier books were "as close to me now as they've ever been". Authors, rather, had "bodies of work", for which there appeared to be declining respect in the industry - with S&S "the shining exception".

Guests at the dinner included Paul and Inge Sweetman of City Books in Hove, Simon Morley of Gardners, Camille Van de Velde of Heywood Hill, Saber Khan of Topping & Co in Bath, and Swift's agent Caradoc King.

Photo from left: Graham Swift, Chris White (ex-Waterstones, now S&S), Caradoc King, Suzanne Baboneau, Camille Van de Velde, Katrina Scott (S&S), Paul Sweetman (obscured), Ian Chapman, Inge Sweetman

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