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Rights - NonFiction Friday, 08 February 2019

Observer columns collected under the title Dishonesty is the Second-Best Policy: And Other Rules to Live By

Guardian Faber has acquired Dishonesty is the Second-Best Policy: And Other Rules to Live By by comedian David Mitchell. Editorial director Laura Hassan acquired World All Language rights from Ivan Mulcahy at MMBCreative and the book will be published on 7 November.

Hassan said: "This is a collection of Mitchell's brilliant, spot-on, super funny Observer columns. No other writer is a match for the utterly dumbfounding times we live in and I hope this cheering book will wrapped up under many Christmas trees this year."

According to the acquisition statement: 'David Mitchell's 2014 Sunday Times bestseller, Thinking About It Only Makes It Worse, must have really made people think. Because everything’s got worse.

'We’ve gone from UKIP to Brexit, from horse lasagne to fatbergs, from big society to food banks. The only possible way to cheer up in 2019 is to dive into Mitchell’s terrifically clever and witty analysis of the sh*tshow of recent years. Here he takes on the utter crap rained down on us from corporate PRs, governments in the thrall of lobbyists, customers being preyed upon by algorithm-wielding corporations, evil interest groups tricking electors with targeted lies, flat-earthers and Eton boys.'

Mitchell said: "I’m delighted to be working with the team at Guardian Faber on another attempt to set the world to rights after the last one failed so spectacularly. So I’m going to really double down on the out-of-touch hypocritical centrist whingeing, while sprinkling in a few offensive jokes for old times' sake. If you buy one book this autumn, then this whole industry is completely unsustainable."

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