CLPE research reinforces value of picturebooks

News - Children Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Lauren Child will give keynote at CLPE conference on Friday

Research released in advance of a keynote address by Waterstones Children's Laureate Lauren Child at a CLPE (Centre for Literacy in Primary Education) conference this Friday supports her call for children to be enabled to engage with picturebooks, and to be given time to think.

The Power of Pictures research included a project in which 1,500 Year 5 primary schoolchildren from across England learned how picturebooks were created, while their teachers learned how picturebooks could be used within the classroom to introduce storytelling techniques such as structure and characterisation.

The project demonstrated that being allowed to draw helped children to develop their ideas for writing, and that a focus on illustration deepened their comprehension.

Charlotte Hacking, who devised the Power of Pictures scheme in 2013 along with author Ed Vere, said: 'In this increasingly visual world, the skill of analysing and interpreting images is even more essential for children - picturebooks are such an important tool for teaching these skills at an early age and benefiting children's understanding in a wider context, for example when reading news stories, learning about cultural events or even when using social media.'

Child said: 'I have put nurturing creativity at the centre of my aspirations for my time as Waterstones Children's Laureate, as well as highlighting the importance of visual literacy and the value and significance of illustration as an art form. Picturebooks at their best are philosophical, artistic and highly personal.'

Louise Johns-Shepherd, CLPE chief executive, said: 'At the CLPE we have known about the value of picturebooks to all readers for a very long time. The evidence from this research helps us to articulate the unique importance of this genre to children's developing literacy - and highlights the interrelationship between drawing, thinking and writing.'

Further details from Catherine Alport ( 804083).

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