Canbury to publish in-depth book on YouTube

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Written by journalist Chris Stokel-Walker, YouTubers 'features interviews more than 100 interviews with YouTube's biggest names'

The first independent, in-depth book investigating YouTube will be published by Canbury Press this summer. YouTubers: How YouTube shook up TV and created a new generation of stars is the product of years of research and reporting by journalist Chris Stokel-Walker, whose work has appeared in Wired and The Observer. The book features more than 100 interviews with some of YouTube's biggest names, in front of and behind the camera. It 'investigates the past, present and future of the world's most popular video sharing website – and its impact on society.' Canbury will publish on 2 May, priced £20.

Martin Hickman, managing director of Canbury Press, said: "Only now are many people waking up to YouTube's immense power over a new generation. Its stars can sell out stadiums, make millions, and bring city centres to a standstill, before they even reach their twenties. Yet we still know almost as little about these creators as we do about their managers and agents.

"In this fast-paced book, reporter Chris Stokel-Walker shows how YouTube has morphed from DIY TV to global entertainment business. He reveals its workings and personalities, its pranks and its joyfulness, its extremism and its opportunities. He goes behind the cameras to meet superstar influencers, producers, advisors, marketers, advertisers, and child-training entrepreneurs. The result is a thrilling, hold-tight rollercoaster ride through the 21st century's most amazing media theme park."

Stokel-Walker said: "I've been waiting to tell this story for years. I've embedded myself in the world of YouTube, travelling to conventions and training schools across the globe, winning the confidence of some of the biggest talent in front of the camera – and the real powerbrokers who never step into the limelight. I've broken news of big business deals, and carefully considered the impact of algorithms on us and our children.

"I've examined what power YouTubers have over their audience – and whether that's a concern for us and them. The result is the first independent, in-depth look at the site, the people who dominate it, and how they live their lives – and why not all of them are happy. YouTubers will enlighten anyone who wants to understand how this weird new world works, but even the most avid fans will discover revelations about their favourite idols."

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