Book Aid International sets new record

News - International Tuesday, 08 January 2019

One and a quarter million 'life-changing' books go to war-torn and under-resourced countries

Book Aid International sent out 1,286,538 new books last year - a record for the charity. The books went to 25 countries.

The recipients included a library in Mosul (7,000 books), Syrian refugees in Jordan (2,591), South Sudan (18,684), Cameroon (5,000), and Syrian schools (25,045) - all affected by wars. Books also went to community libraries in Ethiopia, Uganda and Rwanda, and to national library services in eight further African countries. First time recipient countries included the Gambia, Ghana, Jordan, Syria, Bhutan, Nepal and Iraq.

Book Aid set up 16 new Children's Corners in African libraries, and 75 Book Box school libraries in African primary schools through its Inspiring Readers programme, winner of a London Book Fair International Excellence Award.

Alison Tweed, Book Aid International chief executive, said: "Sending over 1.28 million books would not have been possible without the many thousands of individuals, companies and trusts across the UK and around the world who have given their money, time and support. I would also like to thank our partners in the publishing industry, who donate the brand new books we provide. Together, we have made more brand new, life-changing books available to readers around the world than ever before. We have ambitious plans for the future and look forward to doing even more for the people around the world who need books most in 2019."

Photos: (top) Malawian schoolchildren carrying publisher-donated books to their classroom; (above) books arriving in Sierra Leone

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