Book Aid International Quiz - Hodder Education triumphs

People - Books Wednesday, 31 October 2018

BookBrunch team fails to defend title

"I Ain't No Paperback Girl", a team from Hodder Education, last night won the Book Aid International Quiz, held at Hachette's HQ, Carmelite House. Joe Haddow hosted. The evening raised more than £2,000.

BookBrunch's team "The Birthday Party", victorious in 2017, had to settle for fourth place this time round. On the team were Nicholas Clee, Nicolette Jones, Dan Franklin, Lucy Hughes-Hallett, John Walsh and James Walton. We had felt that we were a pretty strong line-up, but could not match (in the photo, from left to right) Kelvin Knight, Claire Spinks, Euan Wallace, Charlotte Hiorns, and Anthony Muller.

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