Bluebird signs Whitehouse and Farquharson on relationships

Rights - NonFiction Thursday, 14 March 2019

Authors of Parenting the Sh*t Out of Life offer 'anti-Valentine's day gift'

Carole Tonkinson, publisher at Bluebird, has signed a new book by Anna Whitehouse and Matt Farquharson, authors of Parenting the Sh*t Out of Life (Hodder). Bluebird has world rights in Where's My Happy Ending? from Abigail Bergstrom at Gleam Titles, and will publish in February 2020, offering "the perfect anti-Valentine's day gift".

The authors, whose blogging identities are Mother Pukka and Papa Pukka, have compiled diverse views on relationships. They said: "Fairytales always finish with everyone living 'happily ever after', but we wanted to know what happens next. They say your wedding day is the happiest day of your life, but if that's true, it's all downhill from the moment you've cut the cake. We wanted to know what to do once you think you've found 'the one' (or the two, or decided you don't need anyone at all). So we went to ask people – a celibate monk, a sex-worker and her gigolo husband, divorcees and devoted singletons, free-love fundamentalists, neurologists, psychologists and romance novelists. We wanted to know if there is such a thing as ‘happily ever after', and whether we had any chance of getting there.”

Tonkinson said: "We are hugely excited about publishing Anna and Matt. Their proposal had us laughing out loud and their frank and hilarious take on relationship dilemmas is a brilliant read for anyone in or out of a relationship. Not since I published He's Just Not that Into You have has there been such a fresh, funny take on love."

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