Bloomsbury publishes large print JK Rowling titles

News - Fiction Friday, 08 February 2019

Dyslexia-friendly editions of Fantastic Beasts, Quidditch Through the Ages and The Tales of Beedle the Bard are out in hardback, priced £20

Bloomsbury has published large print, dyslexia-friendly editions of JK Rowling's companion novels to the Harry Potter series. The new large print, dyslexia-friendly editions of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Quidditch Through the Ages and The Tales of Beedle the Bard all include features to aid accessibility.

These include RNIB-approved and dyslexia-friendly fonts and font sizes, tinted paper for glare reduction and maximum contrast, captions and detailed descriptions to accompany each illustration and themed navigational aids to assist the reader. The editions include JK Rowling's original text as well as jacket art by Jonny Duddle and line illustrations throughout by Tomislav Tomic. These new editions are out now in hardback, priced £20.

Bloomsbury has worked with several dyslexia and blindness foundations on the new editions. The publisher is currently exploring options to also publish the original Harry Potter series in large print dyslexia friendly editions.

A spokesman for the Royal National Institute for the Blind said: "We're delighted to have worked with Bloomsbury in reviewing the large print editions of the three Hogwarts Library books. We hope that these projects will encourage other publishers to follow in their footsteps and expand the market of accessible and inclusive books."

UK Association for Accessible Formats said: "UKAAF is delighted that Bloomsbury has made such a great effort to make this book as accessible as possible to people with print impairments. Our aim is to improve both the availability and the quality of accessible formats in the UK, and this publication is another great step in that direction."

Professor Amanda Kirby, University of South Wales, medical adviser to the Dyspraxia Foundation in the UK, said: "I am delighted to endorse this edition that has been specially adapted to enable those requiring larger print or those who may be dyslexic to enjoy and access fully the wonderful world of Harry Potter."

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