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Rights - NonFiction Wednesday, 05 June 2019

Remainers Led By Donkeys fly-post 'the hypocrisies of the Brexit debacle by publishing political leaders' tweets on advertising billboards'

Atlantic Books has bought World Rights to the official account of 'Twitter sensation Led By Donkeys who exposed the hypocrisies of the Brexit debacle by publishing political leaders' tweets on advertising billboards around the country.'

Led By Donkeys will be published in hardback the day the UK is due to leave the EU, 31 October, and was acquired by Will Atkinson, publisher and md.

The four men behind Led By Donkeys – Ben Stewart, James Sadri, Oliver Knowles and Will Rose – revealed themselves last week, having registered with the Electoral Commission in order to be transparent about their funding.

According to the acquisition statement: 'Led By Donkeys will be a visual, official account of how four ordinary people – with full-time jobs and young families – managed to expose the government’s hypocrisies in full-colour glory. Armed with nothing more than ladders, roller brushes and a treasure trove of damning statements from our leaders, the Led By Donkeys team slapped up the politicians’ biggest lies on billboards around the country.

'This guerrilla operation wasn't easy, but it wasn't long before the British public enabled them to take things into their own hands, raising over £435,000 and gaining over 200,000 Twitter followers – and the rest is history.'

Led By Donkeys said: "We’re as surprised as anybody at how big this thing has become. We started off as a guerrilla outfit, going out at night after we’d put our kids to bed to put up giant posters of the Brexiters’ hypocrisy. Ten weeks later we were hiring a helicopter to film us deploying an 800-square-metre crowd banner in Parliament Square. It’s been one of the greatest adventures of our lives and we’ve had to do it all in gaps between our day jobs and young kids. It’s a good story and we’re excited to tell it."

Atkinson said: "Over 16 million people voted Remain and their interests and wishes have been ignored ever since. The referendum was fought by mendacious populists on the Leave side and a lacklustre Remain establishment. Led By Donkeys is an inspiring counter-thrust for the 16 million, and I am delighted that this book will capture their story and mission in words and pictures."

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