A bonus from Mosse

Liz Thomson
News - Publishing 14 Oct 2008

Kate Mosse, the best-selling author of Labyrinth and Sepulchre, has delivered a new novel to Orion - an unexpected bonus outside her contract. As-yet-untitled, it was originally commissioned as a 17,000-word Quick Read but Mosse wrote rather more than was required, 33,000 words more to be precise. 'It's a ghost story set in the Languedoc beteeen the First and Second World Wars,' Malcolm Edwards, Orion Group Deputy CEO, told BookBrunch. 'We'll publish it as an elegant, small-format hardback this time next year.' Mark Lucas of LAW is handling rights in the project, though he is not in Frankfurt.

Mosse will contribute a title to the next Quick Reads project. Meanwhile, Sepulchre, launched on Halloween 2007, has already sold 500,000 in paperback.

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