Reading is top hobby for teenage girls

News - Children Friday, 15 March 2019

Books are number one activity, ahead of swimming and music

Reading has been revealed as the most popular hobby among teenage girls, according to new data unveiled by The Insights People at LBF. Girls aged 13-18 have named reading as their favourite hobby, followed by swimming, listening to music, and dancing.

Watching TV was ranked in 15th place, while watching videos on YouTube was relegated to 21st place, using the internet at 22nd, and using a phone or smartphone at 28th. Kids Insights data also shows that overall 43% of teenage girls read paperbacks for fun.

The Top 10 Hobbies for Girls Aged 13-18 Are:

1. Reading (6.9%)
2. Swimming (5.8%)
3. Listening to music (5.5%)
4. Dancing (5.5%)
5. Football (5.2%)
6. Arts & Crafts (4%)
7. Drawing (4%)
8. Gaming (4%)
9. Netball (1.7%)
10. Tennis (1.7%)
15. TV (1.2%)
21. YouTube (0.9%)
22. Internet (0.9%)
28. Phone (0.6%)

Jacks Thomas, director of The London Book Fair, said: "What a fantastic week it has been at The London Book Fair. This research is part of a wealth of information about publishing and book trends that was shared by people from across the globe. And it is wonderful to end this year's Book Fair with this research from The Insights People that shows reading is still the most popular hobby for teen girls today."

Nick Richardson, ceo, The Insights People, said: "Our data shows that reading remains one of the most popular hobbies for children. However, while reading continues to be a popular pastime – the way that this generation of children want to interact with written content is evolving at a significant rate. But with increased opportunities for publishers to integrate new technologies into their products there should be cause for much optimism within the industry."

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