Peppa Pig brings home the bacon

News - Children Friday, 15 March 2019

TV show Peppa Pig, Lego and Harry Potter are the tops brands amongst children, Nielsen data shows

Peppa Pig is the number one character/brand for 0-4 year olds, while Lego triumphs among 5-10 year olds and the ubiquitous Harry Potter is number one among children aged 11-17. The findings were revealed by Steve Bohme, Nielsen UK research director, in his presentation at Nielsen’s Children’s Book Summit at LBF yesterday morning.

Using data from both the on-going Nielsen tracker study, Books & Consumers, and Nielsen's annual deep-dive Understanding the Children’s Book Consumer 2018 study, Bohme said that reading as an activity was just about holding its own among 0-17 year olds in an increasingly multi-faceted media world, and that the market for children’s books is still relatively stable, with price rises driving some value growth.

However, the latest findings show a potentially concerning trend, with discernible numbers of children who were formerly classified as 'superfans' (those who prefer reading to other leisure activities) now moving into the 'distractible' segment (those who prefer other types of media to books, although they are still relatively heavy book readers). Children are, said Bohme, increasingly "like Zebedee [of the popular Magic Roundabout TV show], bounding between books, TV and games. This is especially true of boys aged 5-10, but is increasingly also the case for girls too, in all age bands."

A new element of the annual deep-dive study looked at character/brand awareness among children, as well as investigating which of them were ones where children would like more books. Joining Peppa Pig and Harry Potter among the most sought-after brands was Fortnite, the online combat game, with Hey Duggee and L.O.L. Surprise! also brands that appear to have potential unmet book demand.

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