New trilogy by Polish bestseller Andrzej Sapkowski to Gollancz

Rights - Fiction Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Author of the bestselling Witcher books

Gollancz (UK) and Orbit (US) have signed a new fantasy trilogy by Polish bestseller Andrzej Sapkowski, whose bestselling Witcher books are currently in production with Netflix. In the UK, Gollancz assistant editor Craig Leyenaar bought world rights to The Hussite Trilogy from Patricia Pasqualini at Patricia Pasqualini Literary Agency. The trilogy will be translated by David French, who has worked with Sapkowski and Gollancz on the last six Witcher books.

The author described the trilogy as "my tour de force. I consider it to be my best work to date." Leyenaar said: "Hugely popular and critically acclaimed, [Sapkowski's] Witcher books are an absolute phenomenon, but once his audience get their hands on the first Hussite book, I'm sure that Reynevan will be more than a match for Geralt's place in readers' hearts." The first novel in the trilogy, set during the Hussite wars, will be The Tower Of Fools (May 2020).

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