MacLehose pays tribute to Jin Yong

News - International Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Bestselling Chinese author dies at 94; MacLehose Press is British publisher

Christopher MacLehose, publisher at MacLehose Press, has released a statement following the death of Yong yesterday.

"It is with great sadness that we learn that Louis Cha, who wrote under the pen-name Jin Yong, has died at the age of ninety-four.

"We should celebrate his immense literary achievement and recognise that he is an exceptional man who lived an exceptional life. His works touched so many generations of readers and brought changes and opportunities in academia, in television and films and gaming. It is a matter of great pride to be his English language publisher, and to have the honour to bring his works to the English-reading world.

"We have no doubt that that the continued translations of his works will embed him, globally, amongst the greatest writers and storytellers we have known – not just commercially, but culturally.

"He produced a canon of works that have proved to be immeasurably influential in the Chinese-speaking world and beyond, among them Legends of the Condor Heroes, The Book and the Sword and The Deer and The Cauldron. His books have sold more than 300 million copies worldwide and been adapted into countless films, T.V. series, graphic novels and video games.

"His works are all set during the rich and storied history of China, and he has done more than anyone else in his lifetime to make his countrymen and -women aware of their heritage. His stories not only preserve but breathe new life into the majesty of traditional Chinese culture and history, of which he will remain a cornerstone."

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