London Library discovers the books behind Dracula

News - Books Monday, 29 October 2018

Books annotated by Bram Stoker as he researched his gothic masterpiece

The London Library has discovered on its shelves 26 books that it believes to have been consulted by Bram Stoker while he was researching Dracula. Marginalia in the books match references in Stoker's notebooks.

The books include Sabine Baring-Gould's Book of Were-Wolves, Thomas Browne's Necromancy - Divination of the Dead, AF Crosse's Round About the Carpathians, and Charles Boner's Transylvania.

Professor Nick Groom of Exeter University, an authority on gothic writing, said: "This is a very exciting discovery. I have examined the books and their annotations and have compared them with Bram Stoker's own notes. I am in no doubt that Bram Stoker used these very copies for Dracula - a book that took him seven years to write. They demonstrate that the London Library was the crucible of one of the most influential novels in world history."

The Library has launched a partnership with Creation Theatre, which will perform the stage version of Dracula in the library throughout February.

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