Ingenta launches Aperture

News - Publishing Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Showcases data-sharing system at Frankfurt

Ingenta has launched Aperture, a web-based platform enabling publishers to unlock data and information stored within their systems, at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

The data may be accessed on demand in real time, regardless of where the information is stored. Owners can set up access rights so that business insights can be shared securely and on their own terms. Aperture can enable publishers to provide partners with product, pricing, bundling and order information; offer metadata access for project contributors; and give authors access to information.

Scott Winner, Ingenta ceo, said: "One of the biggest challenges many publishers face is that data tends to be locked away in disparate systems and it can often be complicated and time-consuming to share this information with third parties. We are confronting this problem head-on and creating an intuitive platform which allows publishers to use their data throughout their organizations and become more collaborative and transparent with their partners. We are delighted to welcome Aperture to the family of Ingenta solutions as it meets a very real need in the marketplace across all types of publishing."

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