HarperVoyage signs hot fantasy trilogy by Amelie Zhao

Rights - Fiction Friday, 12 October 2018

Blood Heir will be out in May

Natasha Bardon has won a four-way auction to sign for HarperVoyager Blood Heir and two further titles in a trilogy by debut author Amelie Zhao. HarperVoyager has UK and Commonwealth rights (exc Canada) from Claire Wilson at RCW on behalf of Pete Knapp and Abigail Koons at Park Literary & Media.

Blood Heir (May 2019) is set in a dark, frozen empire, depicting a world where an unlucky few have an "affinity" - a much-maligned ability to control certain substances. For some it is water, for some grain or oil. For 17-year-old Anastacya Mikhailov, it is blood. Anastacya finds herself accused of murder, and makes a bargain with Ramson Quicktongue, a handsome yet dangerous conman, in a bid to find the true murderer and clear her name.

Bardon said: "Blood Heir is brilliant for a lot of reasons, but I think my favourite is Amelie’s characterisation of Ana. 'Princess' as a title carries a lot of weight in fantasy, but Ana flies in the face of those negative connotations. Strong, independent and powerful, she's exactly the type of heroine and role model we need to see in fiction. Though there's a wonderful camaraderie (and romance!) between Ana and Ramson, there's a brilliant equality to the characters which I simply fell in love with. This is the start of something really special and I cannot wait to see where Amelie takes us."

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