Dulwich announces 2018 litfest programme

News - Festivals Tuesday, 09 October 2018

War among strands of five-day programme

Jo Brand, Nick Hewer, Kamal Ahmed, Ben Macintyre and John Suchet will be among the stars of the Dulwich Literature Festival from 7 to 11 November.

The programme will also feature Melissa Harrison, Sulaiman Addonia, and Louis de Bernieres. A war strand will feature Giles Milton, Simon Heffer and Jean Moorcroft Wilson, author of a new biography of Robert Graves. Jason Cowley (Reaching Utopia) and Isabel Hardman (Why We Get the Wrong Politicians) will survey the political scene.

Susie Nicklin, ceo of festival organiser the MILD group, said: "This year's festival features writers who highlight injustice, fight against stereotype, and make noise about the iniquities of war, corruption, bad-faith politics, forced migration and intolerance of difference. My paternal grandfather, missing an eye and therefore not fit for active service, was a quartermaster in France in WW1, while his three athletic brothers were killed within a few miles of each other in the trenches. This festival is dedicated to the memory of those four brave brothers and to all those who have died and suffered in warzones since 1914, as well as those who have lifted their voices in protest and who have encouraged us to live the best lives we can."


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