Child Bereavement charity partners reissue of Susan Varley classic

News - Children Tuesday, 08 January 2019

Badger's Parting Gifts from Andersen Press has sold 4 million copies

The 35th anniversary edition of Susan Varley's picture book classic Badger's Parting Gifts (Andersen, 30 January) will include a child-friendly sharing guide from the charity Child Bereavement UK.

Susan Varley was a student at Manchester Polytechnic when she wrote and illustrated Badger's Parting Gifts following the death of her grandmother. Her tutor, Tony Ross, sent it to Andersen. The book has sold 4 million copies, in 16 languages, and has been widely used to help children understand bereavement.

Reviewing the book in the TLS, Elaine Moss wrote: "Sensitive, comforting, gentle. One sensible and honest approach to death for the young."

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