Cheetham and the 'Apollo Eight'

People - Books Friday, 28 September 2018

Trade presentation of HoZ's autumn non-fiction highlights

Head of Zeus chairman Anthony Cheetham - who has always been one of the more involved top executives when it comes to promoting his company's books - presented the "Apollo Eight", eight non-fiction highlights from HoZ's literary imprint, at One Great George Street in Westminster.

The Eight were: Found in Translation, Frank Wynne's single volume education in world literature; Ben Crane's memoir Blood Ties, "which made me cry for two different reasons"; What We Have Lost by James Hamilton-Paterson, with whom, Cheetham said, he shared a fondness for Austria and a regret for the disappearance of many things that had made Britain great; Matthew Sturgis' Oscar: A Life, coming 30 years after Richard Ellmann's Wilde biography - a bestseller, but "full of mistakes, all put right in this book"; Ferdinand Addis' Rome: Eternal City, delivered five years late but welcome anyway, and telling the story of Rome in "22 dazzling chapters"; Malcolm Dennison's Eternal Boy, revealing the sadness of Kenneth Grahame, creator of The Wind in the Willows; David Lough's Darling Winston, giving readers the sense of being immediate witnesses to events in Churchill's life; and Oren Harman's Evolutions, imparting information about the story of life "that you won't find anywhere else".

It was an introduction to books that by Christmas, Cheetham promised, would be familiar to all of us.

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