Bibliocloud becomes Consonance

News - Publishing Monday, 10 September 2018

New brand for publishing software

Publishing software Bibliocloud has a new name, Consonance.

Consonance is part of General Products Ltd, run by Emma Barnes, whose portfolio also includes her 15-year old publishing imprint Snowbooks as well as schools publishing start-up Make Our Book. General Products reports double-digit growth in each of the past three years, along with a 10-fold increase in customers.

Publishers using Consonance include Institute of Physics Publishing, Canelo, Liverpool University Press, , UCL Press, Unbound, Zed Books, 404 Ink, Inpress, Goldsmiths Press, Sydney University Press, British Museum Press, British Library Press, RIBA and What On Earth?

Barnes said: "Our tight-knit team of publishing and technology experts has worked quietly and steadily to cement our position as the go-to provider of modern, affordable software for small- to medium-sized publishers in the UK. We are delighted to unveil a new identity which provides assurance to current and future customers that we are the right choice of partner if they want to dramatically improve their data quality and operations capability to grow their business."

Explaining the rename, Barnes said: "It's a question of differentiation. The word 'biblio' doesn't differentiate us from other products and implies we are limited to bibliographic data management, when in fact our system spans the full range of publishing operations from acquisition and workflow to royalties and beyond. Additionally, 'cloud' software is no longer the point of strategic difference it was when we started in 2011: most modern software can be accessed over the internet. Moving away from both 'biblio' and 'cloud' is an opportunity to align our brand identity with the points of difference we've worked hard to make our own: expertise, modernity and customer success."

Consonance is "a nod to the software's goal to harmonise publishing teams and smooth the publishing process". The rename comes with a new logo, style guide, social media handles, a new website, re-written documentation, and a simplified user interface in the app.

A social media campaign showcasing clients' books that inspired the new colour palette will take place this month. Barnes will talk at the SYP's Coding at the Castle event on 20 September, and at Book Machine's Talking Tech on 26 September. General Products will also run an ad campaign around the IPG autumn conference.

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