Adam Hamdy moves to Pan Macmillan

Rights - Fiction Friday, 12 October 2018

Reunited with editor Vicki Mellor

Vicki Mellor, fiction publishing director at Pan Macmillan, has renewed her partnership with author Adam Hamdy, signing world rights in three novels through Hannah Sheppard at DHH Literary Agency.

Black Thirteen (autumn 2019), the first novel in the deal, introduces ex-Mi6 officer Scott Pearce.

Mellor said: "When I acquired Adam's first mainstream novel Pendulum for Headline I knew that he was destined to be a future bestseller. I couldn't be more thrilled that he is moving to Pan Macmillan and that we are able to continue this journey together.

"As soon as I met Scott Pearce, I knew that we had to publish this series. We have seen a decline in sales of this kind of commercial espionage thriller series in recent years as psychological thrillers have come to the fore and we believe that this timely exploration of what it means to live in an age where the political, geographical and social world has changed beyond recognition is important and relevant if we are to understand the current global stage and the issues that we are facing."

Sheppard said: "One of the most satisfying things about being an agent is making the perfect match between author and editor, and from the very beginning it was clear that I'd found that with Adam and Vicki - they work so brilliantly together and I'm delighted that we've been able to reunite them to publish Adam's exciting new series."

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