Organizing for creative people - Sheila Chandra

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18 May 2017
Watkins Publishing
224 pages: 151 x 204 x 21mm

'Sheila gave me the tools to hunt success and the strategies to cope with it when it came. She mentored me from the chaos of homelessness to becoming an established member of the international art community. This book is a distillation of all that she taught me.' STIK, graffiti artist

Is your creative career in total disarray? Or are you simply too disorganized to take advantage of the opportunities that come your way? Do you dream of becoming a creative professional, but don t know what kinds of support and business set-up you ll need?

Full of the kind of insights and counter-intuitive creativity tips that only one creative person can give another, Organizing for Creative People is the perfect guidebook to put you on the path to artistic career success. Step by step, Sheila Chandra (bestselling author of Banish Clutter Forever) walks you through the essential systems you ll need to thrive as an artist.

Her career headspace chapters cover:

    creative well-being, including artist support systems
    career well-being, including networking and collaborations
    self-promotion and how to avoid working for free
    making social media pay
    personal branding, career planning and goals
    how to manage copyright issues and legal paperwork
    legacy management

And all from an artist's point of view. These fool-proof, tried and tested systems are mixed with creativity tips and artist well-being advice that only one artist knows to give another. Written with real affection for the reader, Sheila Chandra takes the creative person by the hand and puts them on the path to success.

Sheila Chandra made some of the most beautiful and innovative recordings in the World Music category beginning with her band Monsoon in 1982, ground-breaking Asian Fusion, top ten hit around the world, Ever So Lonely until voice problems forced her to retire in 2010. Since then, in an unlikely twist, she's become a best-selling author with Banish Clutter Forever (2010) outlining her own system for home organising which she says 'makes it possible to pretty much, never tidy up again .'

Sheila also began mentoring the (then homeless) street artist Stik in 2008, writing a version of Organizing for Creative People just for him. Stik has gone on to become one of the most famous and collectible street artists in the world. This book is an expanded version of her artist advice to him on how to build a strong foundation for his career.